The Democratic Republic of America Principles of Government


We, the citizens of the Democratic Republic of America, establish this constitutional contract between our respective states and the National Government of the Democratic Republic of America.

We solemnly swear and affirm that we establish this contract to preserve and protect the natural and civil rights of citizens in each state, and to protect and defend the sovereignty of each state and the nation, from foreign and domestic threats.

Guiding Principles of the National Government.

By freely and voluntarily joining our state government into the union of Democratic Republic of America, we affirm that the National Government will be guided by the following principles:

  1. “…that all legitimate government authority is derived from the consent of the citizens governed…”
  2. “…that as the consequence of the sovereign authority of citizens, citizens have an inalienable natural right to immediately remove an elected representative from office upon a referendum of 51% of registered voters in a state…”
  3. “…that those governed by the laws and whose individual freedom is restricted by the laws should have the greatest say and consent in making of the laws…”
  4. “…that those who make the laws and give consent to the laws, acting as representatives of the citizens, bind themselves and their constituents to following the laws…”
  5. “…that the National Government is instituted to allow individual citizens to pursue individual happiness and to limit the arbitrary application of government power over the lives of individuals…”
  6. “…that individual citizens who freely give their consent to form a government through constitutional conventions are bound by the original contract until the operation of the government becomes destructive to the original intent of obtaining individual freedom and the pursuit of happiness…”
  7. “…that the citizens of each state have mechanisms in place in the constitutional contract to modify or abolish the governments that have been created that have become destructive to the ideals and goals under which the National Government is instituted, including the right to vote on remaining a member of the national government in a referendum to be held every 20 years from the date of admittance…”
  8. “…that the parties to the constitutional contract are individual citizens acting through their elected representatives at the state and national levels of government…”
  9. “…that the National Government is created by this union of states and the National Government shall never usurp the sovereign power or authority of the individual states or the sovereignty of the citizens in each state and that states have an inalienable right to call a convention of the states, without Congressional approval, to modify, amend, or abolish this Constitutional Contract.”
  10. “…that an individual’s private property obtained through legal contract and title transfer, their rights to appropriate income and profits from the use of their private property, and their rights to dispose and transfer their private property are inviolate and derived from natural rights granted to them by God, and that no government or constitutional contract may ever abrogate or subordinate these natural individual rights, unless by free and voluntary consent of the citizen…”
  11. “…that a citizens Grand Jury of 18 citizens is impaneled, for a term of 12 months, to protect and preserve the rights of citizens against the arbitrary application of government power against citizens…”
  12. “…that a citizens Grand Jury of 18 citizens must inspect all national penal facilities within its district every 6 months, and report their findings to the Chief District Judge, who shall act to remedy the deficiencies found by the Grand Jury…”
  13. “…that the 1776 American experiment of representative democracy was ordained by God to pursue individual human freedoms and liberty from oppression and is an exceptional model in human history to be preserved, protected, and cherished by the citizens and deployed by them and their elected representatives as the guiding principles in the Liberty States of America in its relationships with other nations and other people…”