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Laurie Thomas Vass


Hello. I am Laurie Thomas Vass, the leader of the Citizens Liberty Party.

I wanted to spend a few minutes with you explaining the mission of our party and the top three political goals we have in our first years of operation.

The CLP was created as a result of the changed political reality in America.

For 240 years, the system of checks and balances served to prevent the outcome Madison feared the most: a centralized government tyranny that was disconnected from the will of citizens.

Madison’s system of checks and balances required two political parties, one that represented the interests of common working class citizens, and the other party that represented the interests of the elite, or what Madison called “the natural aristocracy.”

That period of two party stability in government was eroded when Barack Obama  converted the Democrats from a party that represented the financial interests of common, working class citizens into an overtly global socialist party, united by their virulent anti-American hatred of America.

At the same time in history that the Democrats changed, the Republicans also changed into a more overt corporate globalist party that favored non-traditional conservative policies, such as open illegal migration across America’s national borders.

Both parties, for different reasons, favor a global one-world government, not a sovereign nation of the United States of America.

Neither political party represents the financial or political interests of citizens, and neither political party offers support for President Trump.

As a result of his weak position, President Trump now faces an internal coup d’etate from Robert Mueller, and judicial nullification of his authority by Federal judges.

The country is evenly split between Democrats, who want more global socialism, and natural rights conservatives who want more individual liberty.

The political crisis is not solvable because the two sides do not share any social and cultural values that would bind the citizens into a common national identity.

The two sides reason with different forms of logic and do not speak a common language about the founding principles of the nation.

The mission of the Citizens Liberty Party is to reclaim the principles of individual liberty that motivated the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Those signers called their political movement the “Spirit of ’76.”

The CLP is a national political movement that aims to restore the allegiance to the rule of law that derives from the application of the legal principles of equal justice for all citizens, and special privileges for none.

The mission of the CLP is to go back to the founding principles of the Articles of Confederation that designated the state governments as the superior political authority of citizens, with the Federal government having only designated specific powers to defend natural and civil rights and protect the sovereignty of the nation from external and internal threats.

In its first several years, the top goal of the CLP is to help the citizens in California, and small city-states, to from their own independent governments, and after the new nation states have been created, assist citizens from other states to emigrate from the nation they despise to a nation that is more compatible with their values.

In other words, the top goal of the CLP is a peaceful non-violent divorce, or civil dissolution, of the nation into the new nation state of California and the new Liberty States of America.

The second most important goal is to elect representatives to the existing national and local governments during the time of transition from the Former United States to the new Liberty States of America.

During this period of transition, the CLP will provide political support for President Trump and the 63 million citizens who voted for Trump.

The third goal of the CLP is to create the institutional and administrative capacity to defeat the twin threats to American sovereignty that derive from Islamic terrorism and globalism.

When you join the CLP, you will be asked to volunteer to work on one of these 3 goals.

Your annual dues for party membership are $25, and you can join, on our membership website at

I am Laurie Thomas Vass, the leader of this national political movement and I need citizen patriots to join me in the defense of liberty and natural rights.

Thank you for spending a few minutes with me today.