Organizing Principles

Organizing Principles of the Liberty States of America

  1. “…that all legitimate authority is derived from the consent of the governed, and that the further removed authority becomes from the consent of the governed the more likely the authority is illegitimate, opressive and corrupt.
  2. “…that those governed by the laws and whose individual freedom is restricted by the laws should have the greatest say and consent in making of the laws.”
  3. “…that those who make the laws and give consent to the laws, acting as representatives of the citizens, bind themselves and their constituents to following the laws.”
  4. “…that which governs the best, governs the least and closest to the people who are subject to the authority of the government.”
  5. “”…that governments are instituted among humans to further individual freedom to pursue individual happiness and to limit the arbitrary application of power over the lives of individuals.”
  6. “…that individual citizens who freely give their consent to form a government through constitutional conventions are bound by the original contract until the operation of the government becomes destructive to the original intent of obtaining individual freedom and the pursuit of happiness.”
  7. “…that the citizens have mechanisms in place in the original constitutional contract to modify or abolish the governments that have been created that are now destructive to the ideals and goals under which the governments were instituted.”
  8. “…that the parties to the constitutional contract are individual citizens acting through their elected representatives of each state General Assembly, under individual sovereignty granted to them by God.”
  9. “…that individual citizens may form different units of levels of government, but that local, state and national governments as synthetic corporate creations never usurp the sovereign power or authority of the individual citizens.”
  10. “…that an individual’s private property obtained through legal contract and title transfer, their rights to appropriate income and profits from the use of their private property, and their rights to dispose and transfer their private property are inviolate and derived from natural rights granted to them by God, and that no government or constitutional contract may ever abrogate or subordinate these natural individual  rights.
  11. “…that the American experiment of representative democracy was ordained by God to pursue individual human freedoms and liberty from oppression and is an exceptional model in human history to be preserved, protected, and cherished by the citizens and deployed by them and their elected representatives as the guiding principles in America’s relationships with other nations and other people.