After the Collapse of America

The citizens of America are irrevocably split between Democratic socialists, who desire a global socialist nation, and natural rights conservatives, who want nothing to do with socialism.

There are no shared cultural values that bind the citizens into a common national mission.

In the absence of shared cultural values, there is no force that compels voluntary obedience of citizens to the rule of law.

Madison’s concept of the American Representative Republic collapsed, for the same reasons as the Roman and Greek republics.

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This book describes the strategy for natural rights conservatives to create the new Democratic Republic of America that re-connects the new constitution to the principles of liberty in the American Declaration of Independence.

The Solution Is Civil Dissolution

The Democrat Party socialists do not share common moral or cultural values with natural rights conservatives.

Without common values there is nothing holding the nation together in a common mission.

The solution to the problem is a civil dissolution that allows the socialists to form their own new socialist nation.

The issues are complicated and derive from Madison’s flawed document of 1787.

The book, A Civil Dissolution: Solving America’s Intractable Problem of Socialism, explains why a civil dissolution is a better idea than a second civil war.