About the CLP

The Citizens Liberty Party.

The mission of the Citizens Liberty Party is to lead a national political movement that creates a new states-rights union, patterned after the Articles of Confederation, adopted by 13 states in 1781.

The political party is organized into 250 metro regional chapters, whose leadership is drawn from the local Leadership Alliance.

The local political units organize elections and policies that serve citizens in each region during the transition from the Former United States to the new Liberty States of America.

One important political goal during the transition period is to help citizens in California create their own new socialist state, and then help socialists in other states move to California. All levels of government in the interim period of time will attempt to promote the initiative of citizens in California to form their own nation state.

Regular annual membership dues are $25.

Citizens who want to be local leaders in the CLP may join the Local Leadership Alliance. Members of the Leadership Alliance manage and supervise the work of the local committees. The annual dues of the Leadership Alliance is $100.

The organizational website for the CLP is at www.citizenslibertyparty.com. The membership application is available at the website.