About the CLP

The Citizens Liberty Party.

The mission of the Citizens Liberty Party is to lead a national political movement that connects a new natural rights republic to the principles of government stated in the Declaration of Independence.

Part of the mission of the CLP is to re-establish the primacy and sovereignty of states over the national government.

The national Republican Party never fought Obama’s transformation of America into a socialist state, and never issued a response to the news of a Democrat coup d’etat because the Republican Party would not object to President Trump’s removal.

The Republicans are not a party in competition with the Democrats, the Republicans are collaborators with the Democrats in implementing a one world global government.

The Republican collaboration with Democrat socialists looks just like the French Vichy collaboration with the Nazis in 1942.

The French Vichy collaborated with Hitler to maintain their positions of social privilege in France, just like the anti-Trump Republicans collaborate with the socialists today.

There is nothing incompatible between the Republican corporate globalist goal of open borders and the socialist vision of a one-world socialist government.

The political elites in the Republican Party collaborate with the socialist elites in the Democrat Party to implement a one-world government.

When 12 Senate Republicans join the Democrats in denying Trump’s constitutional authority to declare a national emergency, those Republicans are guilty of collaboration.

Conservatives must create a new political party and replace the Vichy Republican collaborators.